Dhyan/ Meditation

Dhyan/ Meditation

Dhyan is a state of pure consciousness, which transcends the inner and outer senses. The climax of Dhyan is samadhi. In Indian tradition, it is used for inner soul growth. Western psychologists link it with mental concentra-tion and consider it a special state of mind. But this is only the early phase of Dhyan. The techniques and nature of Dhyan might vary but even the modern scientific research validates and highlights its benefits.
Dhyan regulates and controls electrical and chemical activities in the brain, heart rhythm, blood pressure, skin’s capacity of resistance and many such functions inside the body. It is an active hypometabolic condition. Psychologists call Dhyan a state of “relaxed attention”. John White has enumerated some special benefits of Dhyan thus.
1. A feeling of tranquility and freedom in daily life,

2. Reduction in psychological disorders like anxiety, tiredness and depression etc.,

3. Relief from various pains, such as headache, joint pains etc.,

4. Very beneficial in insomnia;

5. Infinite patience, and increase in affection and sympathy for others

6. Growth in devotion and belief in the Supreme Being and

7. A stronger urges and aptitude for service and cooperation in social life.

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